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Technology is Transforming Title

But Is That Always a Good Thing?

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Technology is Transforming Title, But Is That Always a Good Thing?
Technology is increasing efficiency and enabling the delivery of faster, more accurate title and settlement services. But are we at risk of erasing the personal relationships that drive real estate transactions? Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls of progress.
Is Technology Threatening to Erode the Human Relationships at the Core of Our Business?

Title services are changing with the times. What used to require hours in a county records office has now become digitized and stored in centralized databases for faster access. Data standardization, electronic reporting and automation technology are transforming the way we do business, and electronic communication has become a driving force.

Advancements in technology have made real estate agent’s jobs both easier and more challenging. Despite technology’s advantages, some find themselves struggling to keep up with the expectation of accelerated timelines, the increased need for cybersecurity, and their customers’ preference for electronic communication—not to mention the pressures of keeping up with the competition.

While there’s no doubt that agents will find ways to adapt to the ever-changing market, there is one existential question about technology and title that remains unsolved: is all this technology threatening to erode the human relationships at the core of our business? And what can you do to preserve the relationships and personalized experiences you’ve spent years or decades working to build?

Make Technology Work for You

Developing a leaner operational backbone by leveraging the latest and greatest technological tools doesn’t have to erase the personal relationship between you and your clients Here’s how to use technology to enhance the interactions you depend on.

Embrace the Benefits

Technology is often blamed for reduced social interaction, but there are many ways that it can actually improve the interpersonal aspects of your business, help you win more clients and develop long-term relationships.

At the end of the day, your clients want an efficient, quality-driven title and settlement process. Accuracy and speed are essential to that—and technology delivers. Powerful title technology will return more accurate results from more sources in less time, clearing the way for streamlined closings. 

Working with a title company that is on the leading edge of technology can make the entire title process more streamlined and simplified, which allows you to focus on offering a personalized client experience.

titlegenius by Radian offers a superior digital experience, with innovative features like remote-check capture, online notarization and real-time updates, streamlining communication between you and your client. 

Consider Your Clients’ Experience

Title is often the part of the home buying process that consumers understand the least. Selecting a title partner with a streamlined communication and closing process, like titlegenius by Radian, can help fill gaps and ensure a smoother transaction by giving consumers greater clarity and certainty around title. Some key titlegenius features that can help include:

  • Simplified order process
  • Remote earnest check deposit
  • Portal access to important documents, data and transaction milestones
  • Digital documents with eSignature capability
  • Real-time status updates

Title and closing require an enormous amount of coordination to synchronize tasks and entities. A title company that has the technology to automate tasks and streamline workflows to ease that transition offers real estate agents the advantage of a seamless experience for clients.

And perhaps most importantly, technology-driven title takes human error out of the equation, which helps ensure that you deliver a first-rate experience every time.

Find the Right Title Partner

It’s not just how you do business, but who you do business with that matters. The title company you choose can greatly influence the closing process and can even determine whether a transaction will be completed. It pays to work with a provider that can ensure your success from start to finish.

If you haven’t developed a relationship with a full-service title company you know and trust, now is the time to find an end-to-end partner that offers the best technology and delivers superior personal service. 

titlegenius by Radian is an easy-to-use digital platform that provides an unprecedented level of transparency into the title and settlement process. The intuitive interface makes sharing data and documents easy, while robust security ensures personal information and funds are safe. Plus, real-time updates keep you and your client in sync throughout the transaction, meaning less time chasing paperwork and more time cultivating personal relationships.

In Summary

Real estate was among last major industries to adopt technology, and title is one of the last segments of the industry to fully embrace it. But working with a title partner that has solid technology in place to speed results, avoid mistakes, reduce inefficiencies, and communicate more effectively offers innumerable competitive advantages that every real estate agent should consider. 

By viewing technology as a tool for enhancing the holistic title experience, you can keep the focus on the human connections that drive your business and meet each new technological development with confidence.

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