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A Smart Way to Save on Closing Costs

See how much you can save with titlegenius by Radian

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Turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities

Are you a Real Estate Agent?

Are you a Real Estate Agent?
Fuel Your Productivity with titlegenius by Radian
Less Stress, More Transparency
A Better Way to Close a Real Estate Transaction
Ordering Title Insurance Has Never Been Easier
Simply answer a few questions, upload your purchase agreement, and you and your real estate agent are on your way to closing.
Streamlining the Closing Process
With easy-to-use tools—from remote check capture to online notarization—you can get through closing confidently with titlegenius by Radian. Real-time notifications will keep everyone informed along the way.
No Closing Day Surprises
By closing day, any and all paperwork needed to facilitate a smooth closing can be easily accessed through your titlegenius account. We’ll guide you and your real estate agent through the process, step-by-step, so you can close with confidence.

It's just that simple:

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The Basics:

What to Know About Title Insurance

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Easy-to-Understand Pricing
More Than Just Title: A Better Way to Buy Your Home
Knowledgeable Staff To Advise on Particulars of Closing in Your Neighborhood